HELIOSOL…. the Most Effective High Output Solar Floodlight Ever?

Heliosol High Output Solar Floodlight by Lumena

After studying the specs, Lumena have launched the most effective solar floodlight they’ve ever seen!

Solar Flood Lights - HeliosolThe Heliosol high output solar floodlight is the latest addition to the revolutionary Pro Solar Range. These high specification designs are a natural progression from the ‘Lumelux’ solar floodlights which were available in 25w, 60w, and the most powerful option of 120w. The ‘Lumelux’ were ideal for residential gardens and yards, but the ‘Heliosol’ is a leap forward in many ways. Firstly there are 3 size / wattage options which are 200w, 300w & 400w. These powerful LED solar floodlights are an improvement on many current offerings in the UK. Noticeably, the outputs are impressively bright, and range between 2600 and 4800 lumens. They incorporate high-power, long life LEDs in daylight white (6000K).

Incorporating long life, Lithium Ion batteries (LifePO4) that retain and charge very effectively, the Heliosol floodlights charge and last in UK weather. The full product kit comprises of the LED solar floodlight, the relevant solar panel for each wattage, a 2m plug & play cable and a multi-function remote control. More details on the solar technology below….

5 year warranty lumena

The decision to offer higher output solar floodlights to a UK audience, was influenced by seeing many less powerful and less efficient offerings on the market. Importantly, however, over the years we have seen many customers who require a high level of light in a very dark setting, where access to power was an issue. The Heliosol high output solar floodlight is the perfect solution for this and has a 5 year supplier guarantee.

Solar floodlight on wooden post

Slimline, Robust & Versatile

As well as their black, streamline design, Heliosol floodlights are rated IP65 and built to withstand all types of weather and outdoor environments. Made from durable die-cast aluminium they have an adjustable solid steel bracket for extra sturdiness.

Both the floodlight and solar panel brackets have multiple mounting holes along the main arm for easy and versatile installation. As well as wall mounting, they’re also suitable for mounting on poles / columns. The brackets below are compatible with the pre-drilled mounting holes:

Mount the solar floodlights up wooden posts for instant lighting for large garden or rural areas (pictured above)

Solar Floodlight Technology

The solar panel connects to the flood light with the 2m plug & play cable supplied, which is longer than many. However, you can increase the distance between the floodlight and adjustable solar panel by 4m with the additional plug & play extension cable. SEE THE EXTENSION CABLE HERE

Using the 4m extension cable between the solar panel and light mean many more applications are possible. An example could be positioning the panel on top of a post above branches to achieve maximum charge, with the floodlight below the branches. Even use the floodlight internally with the panel situated on a barn roof for example. Ideally the panel should be south facing with no obstructions. The light itself can then remain in any position. Secured in place with a screw cap for a watertight connection, this gives a great solution to up-lighting trees which is not possible with an all-in-one solar lights due to possible shade. Another benefit of separate panel and flood is that the monocrystalline solar panels (estimated 25 year life) are larger than the previous Lumelux model and many others. In other words, panel size is not restricted to the size of the floodlight. A larger panel will charge quicker and more effectively.

Best Batteries!

The long life, Lithium Ion batteries (LiFePO4), have an expected lifespan of up to 8 years and retain charge amazingly well due to their high capacity. The charge retention is shown on the floodlight by the green and red display lights. The batteries are in the back of the solar floodlight and once charged, the floodlight can work as a temporary stand-alone unit without the panel. After approx. 6 hours of full sunshine the high output solar floodlight will reach full charge. Typically it will last night on a day’s charge and longer in prolonged periods of full sunshine. Even in dull UK weather, our professional solar lights will continue to illuminate each night. On particularly dark days they may not last the entire night if used on full dusk to dawn mode. In long periods of poor weather, e.g. winter months, we recommend a shorter timer setting and dimming brightness with the remote to prolong battery life.

12m Range Remote Control

The long range remote control has a user-friendly 12m range and allows the user to switch between various functions. Choose from 2hr, 4hr and 6hr timer from dusk, as well as full dusk to dawn mode for up to 12 hours light. The brightness adjustment mode allows output adjustment from full brightness, down to 20% when less light is required. There is also an override on and off. Due to the improved memory function, the setting selected will continue each night.

Heliosol Solar Floodlight Remote Guide

The HELISOL High-Output Floodlight is a fantastic energy saving alternative to mains 240v floodlights and typically produces more light!

Furthermore, there is no hardwiring involved and no running costs – SEE ALL OPTIONS HERE!