If you are buying a new electrical item from us, we can recycle your old, like-for-like item for free

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Producer Registration Number: WEE/KC3440XY

Waste Battery Disposal (BPRN)

Producer Registration Number: BPRN0843

What is WEEE?

WEEE is Waste Electrical and Electric Equipment. These are products which may contain substances that can be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly.

WEEE - recycling

Electrical and electronic equipment, should never be disposed of with general waste but must be collected separately for their proper treatment and recovery. The crossed out wheelie bin symbol printed on the product safety label reminds you of the need to dispose of the products correctly at the end of its life. In this way, you will assist in the recovery, recycling and reuse of many materials used in this product. Batteries should also be disposed of sensibly and must be removed from electrical equipment prior to recycling / disposal.

What are Lumena doing to help?

We take our responsibilities under the WEEE Regulations 2013 very seriously and have taken steps to be compliant in line with our corporate and social responsibilities. In the UK, Lumena Lights Ltd has joined a registered compliance scheme WEEECARE. We take all necessary steps to ensure our WEEE is recycled / disposed of safely, and accept a like-for-like takeback when an equivalent item is purchased from us. We provide our customers with all of the relevant information to ensure WEEE is recycled correctly to help protect our planet and wildlife.

What can you do to help?

Although you are not obliged to recycle your EEE, you are highly encouraged to practice good recycling. In doing so, you will be preventing hazardous substances going to landfill which can damage the earth’s soil, as well as wildlife and us. By recycling, you are helping to save our planet!



Disposal and recycling of old equipment

When buying a new product from Lumena, we will happily recycle another equivalent, end of life product free of charge under the like-for-like takeback scheme to prevent it entering a landfill site by disposing of it correctly. Customers must return their like-for-like item to us within 30 days of purchase. In order to return an item of WEEE under these regulations, when you are purchasing an equivalent item from us please call 01327 871161 where we can provide further information.

At the end of the life of your Lumena EEE product, please contact us for information on collection arrangements. This can also be recycled through the like-for-like takeback scheme should you purchase a replacement from another supplier.

With your help, it is possible to to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic waste ending up in landfill and to improve the quality of life by preventing the release of potentially hazardous substances into the environment.

For more information on where to recycle, please visit

Where possible, please also recycle your packaging. We often use shredded paper for extra protection so this can also be recycled along with the product box and all other cardboard.


Do these regulations oblige me to dispose of WEEE separately?

The WEEE regulations do not require household users to dispose of electrical and electronic equipment in a certain way. However, you are strongly encouraged to dispose of WEEE separately to household waste and make use of the collection and recycling facilities provided under the regulations.

Separate collection of WEEE allows it to be recycled, saving energy and resources and avoiding hazardous materials from going to landfill.

Do I have to pay to get rid of WEEE?

Householders are entitled to take-back WEEE for recycling free of charge. Distributors must offer a free method of getting rid of WEEE being replaced, either by signposting to a collection facility they support through their membership of the distributor take-back scheme, or by offering free in-store take-back, or an alternative free take-back service. A charge can be made for bulky waste collection services from local authorities or for “collection on delivery services” from retailers. The regulations do not entitle householders to a free collection of old electrical items.

The distributor I am buying a new product from refuses to take back the item I am replacing in store. What should I do?

Distributors do not need to offer in-store take-back if they can show that they are a member of a distributor take-back scheme (DTS). Members of the DTS must be able to direct you to free local collection facilities. Distributors who are not members of the DTS must offer in store take-back or an alternative free take-back service. However, they only have to do this for equipment you are replacing with an equivalent item bought from them at the time or within a reasonable period after purchase of the new item.

Will someone collect my WEEE from me?

The WEEE regulations do not entitle you to free collection of WEEE. Retailers, producers and your local authority may offer collection services but they may charge for this service.

You can find you nearest facility from the recycle-more website:



WEEE Returns Explained

The introduction of the WEEE Regulations has had a major impact on the way in which we deal with end of life Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in the UK.

Since these regulations were enforced, the producer (manufacturer or importer) of the equipment has a duty to collect, treat and recycle products, which they have put on the market. This means that our business customers will be able to dispose of equipment in an environmentally friendly way, often free of charge.

The rule concerning what can and cannot be collected, who will pay for it, who will collect it and where it will be disposed of are complex and that is why we have decided to make things as simple as possible for our customers.

To arrange a collection of any waste electrical equipment obligated to Lumena Lights Ltd, please telephone Weeecare on 0844 800 2004 and quote our Company Name.

Business Customers – Different Type of WEEE?

1. If the equipment is marked with a crossed out wheelie bin with a bar underneath then it is the responsibility of the producer who manufactured or imported it. It is a legal requirement to display this symbol on all EEE placed on the market after the 13th August 2005.

2. If there was no wheelie bin, there are two possibilities, either it will be the responsibility of the end user, or if you have purchased a direct replacement for the item, it will be the responsibility of the manufacturer who is supplying the new equipment.

3. All producers of equipment should be a member of a compliance scheme and it is the schemes who were organised to collect, treat and recycle the end of life equipment from the end users. Lumena Lights Ltd are members of the WEEECARE Compliance Scheme.

To arrange a collection of any waste electrical equipment obligated to Lumena Lights Ltd, please telephone Weeecare on 0844 800 2004 and quote our Company Name.

Waste Batteries & Accumulators Regulations 2009

Lumena Lights Ltd are registered with the environmental regulator in England (Environmental Agency) where our registered office is on the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD). Our Battery Producer Registration Number is BPRN/0843.

Batteries should be recycled at your local recycling centre. Find out more about your local recycling facilities here: