Over the past 8 years of trading, we have learnt that garden lighting can be a daunting task for some garden designers and other professionals, many of whom may have never incorporated this into their designs before. It is very important that customers understand exactly what they are buying, particularly the pros and cons of different set ups. Therefore, we strive to educate our customers about the different types of lighting available, demonstrating the different effects that lights create rather than simply showcasing their general appearance. We go the extra mile to provide as much information as possible and make recommendations based on each individual plan, and also aftercare. Our products are imported direct from the manufacture enabling us to offer extremely competitive prices. As a result of customer feedback, we work closely with manufacturers to upgrade initial designs. We have also created outdoor lights for specific applications, which customers previously found difficult to obtain.

Lighting is now a huge factor in an overall garden design with the concept of an “Outdoor Room” being the ultimate aim. It is an extension of the main building, offering a warm, welcoming area in the open air. Incorporating the correct lighting will really enhance different areas and totally transform the garden once darkness falls. Below are some examples and a brief explanation of the different lighting effects you should use to transform your garden our outdoor space. We hope these will provide you with some inspiration for your design and give you confidence in specifying / installing outdoor lighting. Order by 3pm for free* next working day delivery.

Step Lighting

Lumena Step Lights Include: CavernaEyeliteSlatliteDuoMarkaLediflex LED Strip LightsCharleston Cobra Spread LightMonoliteCharleston Brick Light

Prices start from: £26.50 exc. VAT

Brass Downlight
Copper Caverna Light
Stainless Steel Duomarka with Dichroic Lens

Step Lighting is one of the most common types of garden lighting. Not only do they create a cosy, soft lighting, but they are of paramount importance for safety. There are several methods for highlighting steps, and many different fittings to achieve results. The most effective step lights, in our experience, shine light down onto the steps. Anti-glare lights mounted onto walls, sleepers or decking adjacent to the steps usually have either an ‘eyelid’, ‘louvred’ or ‘arc’ design to angle and diffuse the light. To create an even and elegant light.

step lights can also be recessed into or installed onto to the steps themselves to mark each tread. Recessed, walkover lights are a sensible option to be installed on each side of the steps as ‘marker’ lights. These emit a low-level light from cut-outs within a shallow, walk-over dome. Alternatively, brick lights can be installed into the front of the steps.

For a more contemporary look, highlight steps with waterproof LED strip lights. These versatile lights lend themselves so well to straight lines and are available in various colours. Mounting strip lights inside opal lens profiles across the front of steps diffuse light beautifully and, again, prevent dazzling those accessing the area.

If there is not much room on the steps or the deign doesn’t allow for in-built lights, path lights and spread lights with an anti-glare, down light design can be mounted on platforms, pillars or in flower beds to illuminate the steps below.

Path Lighting

Lumena Path Lights Include: AirliteLitetowerPro-BollardsEnterpriseTectonaRadiataLuxRox Rock LightsDecimaxQuadmaxCharleston Coolie Spread Light

Prices start from: £32.00 exc. VAT

Bollard Lights and Post Lights are perfect for any outdoor area that requires extra light for amenity, access and security. As well as path lighting, these are commonly used in areas such as driveways, car parks and edges of grass or raised platforms. Illuminated post lights are great for outlining specific areas or to provide a fairly a low level light to seating areas.

For security conscious users, Lumena offer dusk to dawn bollards. These specialist, durable products use clever technology as an automatic light sensor which turns on at dusk and off again in the morning. Consequently this results in added security and reduced energy waste. Exclusive to Lumena, photocell path lights are becoming widely sought after.

Today, illuminated bollards are much more versatile using replaceable high output LED bulbs. These are available in different colour temperatures with various light outputs (brightness), providing more choice when it comes to the appearance of the light.

Alternatively, path lights can be recessed into the ground as “in-ground” lights, or in a more decorative “rock light” form. These lights offer a much more low level of lighting, acting as way markers.

Lumena stock one of the largest selection of path lights in the UK, ranging from small spread lights, to decorative garden post lights, up to commercial bollard lights.

Airlite Stream Path Light
Stelles 0.8m Surface Mount in Situ
Tectona Bollard - Teak and Brass
Beacon Brass Bollards in Use
Brass Post Light
Ovus 650mm Illuminated Bollards In Situ - Dark Grey
Stainless Steel Path Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor
Radiata Sleeper illuminated - Gazewell Farm - Brockhall
Radiata Sleeper - Gazewell Farm - Brockhall
Luxrox White Granite - Outdoor Rock Lights
Lumena Rock Light - Image by Light My Space Lighting Design
Lumena Rock Light - Image by Light My Space Lighting Design
Lumena Rock Light - Image by Light My Space Lighting Design
Lumena Rock Light - Image by Light My Space Lighting Design
Luxrox Slate LED Rock Light

Decorative Lighting

Lumena Featured Decorative Lights Include:  LuxRox Rock Lights

Prices start from: £38.50 exc. VAT

The decorative LUXROX Garden Rock Lights are attractive, convincingly realistic, practical and durable! They’re made from Fibreglass so are naturally weatherproof. They are a fantastic way to add finishing touches to any garden design – day or night, especially if there is a rockery or gravel path. In. Situ images provided by https://www.lightmyspace.co.uk/

In daylight, they blend in with garden surroundings, at night they glow beautifully and act as “Waymarkers”.

Three convincing ‘rock-like’ finishes are available: Slate Grey, Sandstone and White Granite in 4 different sizes. Like any natural rock, their shape is varied.

240v mains outdoor rock lights are supplied complete with a replaceable LED Bulb ensuring long life and low running costs. As Two different wiring options are available: a 3 pin UK plug (3m cable) for temporary installs, or no cable for hardwired, permanent installations. The VERSA Plug & Play 12v Garden Rock Lights are also supplied with a replaceable LED G4(s). 3m of plug & play cable is supplied for easy connection to Lumena 12v Transformers.

If you have any images of installations you would like to share with us, please get in touch.

We love to see photgraphs of our products in situ and will happily showcase your projects on our website and social media platforms accrediting you for your garden design, install or premises.