The following information refers to UK Mainland Only

Please note Lumena Guarantees do not affect your rights under the Sale of Goods act.

Cover Period

Unless otherwise stated on individual listings, all Lumena Light Fittings have a Guarantee Period of 2 years.

The Stellus Range, as a budget range, has a 1 year Guarantee.

Reduced warranty period for specific Components

(affected by installation factors – replaceable)

Integrated Photocells, Cables, Connection Blocks – 1 year


Guarantee does not include replaceable lamps which are deemed consumables and sold separately.

Guarantee excludes accidental or malicious damage, general wear and tear and electrical faults due to misuse or incorrect installation . All 240v lights must have been installed by an Electrician qualified and registered to part “P” of the electrical regulations. ( proof may be required). Products installed in coastal areas will be covered with a reduced guarantee period of 1 year.

Stainless steel lights must be cleaned appropriately as detailed in the “Care of Stainless Steel “ section. Corrosion ( tea staining ) on lights installed within 20 miles of the coast is excluded. Any  corrosion can normally be removed by the use of “Kilrock” cleaner as  detailed below. If the finish of a fitting is damaged due to lack of care or incorrect cleaning methods, the fitting will not be covered under the Guarantee. See PRODUCT MAINTENANCE & AFTERCARE for more information.

Any life expectancy of lamps quoted are averages, therefore if the lamp  fails before the time period specified, even if it has not quite reached the expected life, unfortunately this is not covered.

Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Lumena Lights Ltd. guarantee the goods supplied. The length of Guarantee varies according to product type ( see catalogue, website listings or instructions for the guarantee time period). The guarantee period starts from the date of Invoice or Dispatch (whichever is the latter).

Faulty products will be fixed or replaced once returned for examination and confirmed as faulty. The Company accepts no responsibility for incidental costs incurred by the Purchaser or any third party in connection with the identification, return, repair, installation or rectification of goods claimed to be faulty. Some faults may be apparent via photographic evidence; this will be accepted at the discretion of Lumena Lights Ltd.

It should be noted that Lumena carry spare parts for most of the lights supplied. It may be a better option to ask for a spare part (which may be supplied free of charge) rather than claim under Guarantee and have the expense of removing the fitting and re-installing it.

Under the guarantee, we will firstly offer spare components or try to fix the fitting if possible. If this is unsuccessful, a full replacement will be offered. If we do not have the item in stock, the choice of an alternative replacement or a refund will be offered.

A returns number must be obtained from the Lumena Sales department (tel 01 327 871161) before returning any faulty item. An invoice or other proof of purchase must be provided and a copy included with the returned goods.