Our philosophy is “Bright Innovation” – Innovative, energy efficient lighting, designed with high quality and reliability guaranteed.


Educating our customers about the benefits of low energy lighting, the different types of lighting, full technical information and considerations for the environment.


Safely illuminating the UK via Trade Professionals with reliable, robust outdoor lighting – the green way!

Lumena Lights Ltd. – About Us

Situated in Daventry, Northamptonshire, Lumena Lights Ltd. are a small team with a huge range of professional outdoor lighting and extensive technical knowledge. Hundreds of lines are stocked in our 21,000sq.ft. warehouse, with orders often shipping the same day on a Next Working Day delivery service. We strive to offer the best possible customer service which is reflected in our high ratings.

As specialists in professional solar lighting, bollard lighting and 12v garden lighting, including dusk to dawn (photocell) technology, we are a trusted, reliable supplier to many Trade Professionals such as Landscapers & Garden Designers, Contractors, Wholesalers, Councils and Hospitality. We encourage customer feedback and do all we can to offer products which are often difficult to obtain in the UK. We work closely with the manufacturers to build on previous designs as well as craft new designs. Some bespoke designs are prepared in house with an extremely quick turnaround. We believe in our products – this is why we offer up to a 5 year guarantee.


Established in 2009, with the phasing out of halogen/tungsten filament lamps, Lumena Lights began importing CFL’s and energy saving lightbulbs and floodlights. Our goal was simple; to provide a greener, lower energy-consumption alternative to most lamps and light bulbs being offered. CFLs quickly became a secondary product for us, with the market being a difficult one to compete in. We swiftly switched our focus to the outdoor lighting sector, incorporating CFLs as the lamp.

2012 witnessed the first big leap forwards in our mission, with the launch of our LED lighting range (Qubus). It was also at this time we introduced our 12v garden lighting range, a collection of high quality, low voltage outdoor lights. CFLs started to phase out as LED technology evolved. After some initial reservations, LED soon became the ultra, low energy solution to lighting.

By 2013, we had one of the UK’s largest ranges of stainless steel lighting (Stellus) and bollard lighting (Pro-Bollards). Both ranges used dusk to dawn (photocell) technology to further reduce power consumption.

Over the years, we expanded our garden lighting and bollard lighting ranges tremendously with stylish, yet robust, energy efficient lighting. We added new designs, colours, materials, heights and mounting options to create hundreds of variations. All of which used replaceable LED lamps. Nevertheless, Lumena still wanted to provide the ultimate energy efficient solution – solar.

In 2014, research into solar LED lighting began. It soon became apparent the biggest challenge was striking a balance between technology suitable for the UK climate, and keeping prices down for customers. Build quality, functionality and longevity are the main focuses of our design team. Much of what was available did not meet our requirements. However, one design stood out from the rest which soon became our first solar light, the Solamon. Designs included a solar bollard, solar pedestal and solar wall light. A mixture of clear a frosted glass options as well as PIR motion sensor options were stocked. These were low level LED lights but with decent Lithium Batteries, there were designed to last, many of which are still performing as strong in 2022 as they were in 2014.

Fast-track to 2018, solar technology was improving fast. With the advent of more efficient solar panels, ever brighter LEDs and high capacity, long life lithium-ion batteries, we decided it was time to seriously explore the expansion of our range. Lumena liaised with many manufacturers, eventually forming a relationship with a select few. We worked together to produce lights suited to the British climate by calibrating electronic controllers for the best illumination.

By mid-2019, we had launched the Pro Solar Range, a unique selection of solar lighting that will last for hours every night of the year. The range has been popular with pro-installers looking to improve their green credentials. Much of this range can be seen at a variety of public spaces including hospitals, holiday parks, housing estates, and the Eden Project!

Since the end of 2020, we have been developing an even brighter range of Solar Street Lights – the ViaMAX Range. The range includes various solar-powered lamp posts designed for larger scale, commercial projects.

Since their launch, every range has continued to see innovation and expansion. Our mission now, as ever, is to provide the greenest lighting solution for installers. We look forward to innovating, educating and illuminating for years to come.