Garden Lighting Planning

Lumena Lights are keen to help our Customers as much as we can. We know how daunting it can be when you first start adding lighting to your Garden Designs and we want to help keep it as simple as possible for you with little fuss.

We are now offering a new service to assist you with your lighting design. Lighting always tended to be an after thought in garden design, however it is actually a very important aspect which needs to be considered earlier on in the plans. Lighting can make all the difference in design with the many different lighting affects which can be created e.g. shadow lighting, uplighting, accent lighting, task lighting.

Only certain features and areas in the garden will need to be illuminated, therefore it needs to be carefully planned. Illumination of borders and pathways is a must, however an item such as a garden shed you are likely to want to disappear into the darkness. Careful positioning of lighting can make this happen.

One main thing to consider with lighting is glare / light pollution. It’s very important that lighting is positioned in such a way that it will illuminate the areas required, without affecting the rest of the garden. If you are dazzled by glare of any one light fitting, you will not be able to fully appreciate the other lighting effects created and it could also be a safety issue.

This is where we can help you.

Garden Lighting Plan

Send Us Your Garden Lighting Plan

Email a copy of your Garden Lighting Plan to with a rough guide what you want to illuminate and it’s positioning (see below). This could be a PDF image, a photograph or even a hand drawing.

Other information we would require is:

  • Preferred Finishes & Materials e.g. Stainless Steel / Copper
  • Voltage (240v or 12v low voltage)
  • Which features your want illuminated and which features you want to “disappear”
  • Lighting effects e.g shadow lighting / uplighting
  • Mounting options e.g. ground spike / surface mounted / recessed
  • Light output e.g. colour of light / how bright etc.
  • Location of power source

We will then return the plan with possible light fitting options for your specific applications and discuss until you are completely happy with your choices. We will also advise on cable runs, junction box locations and all other installation accessories.

Lumena are committed to ensure we create the most efficient, effective garden lighting design for your project.

When wiring 12v lights, the total wattage, amount of cable used, thickness of cable and physical distance in (m) from power source needs to be considered. ‘Voltage Drop’ is where the power generated from the power source struggles to power all lights on a single run if there are too many lights being powered by a single transformer.

CLICK HERE to check this voltage drop table for the recommended distances, wattages and cable thickness.