The Ultimate Bollard Lighting Upgrade – the MARINA 316 Stainless Steel Bollard Light

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Bollard Light, the MARINA is Lumena’s Newest Commercial Bollard. Launched in 2023, here’s why this seriously impressive path light is already grabbing the attention of trade professionals…

Exquisite Build Quality & Weather Resistance

Stainless steel with grade 316 is known as ‘marine grade’ which is the highest grade used within outdoor lighting. It’s a fantastic material for commercial bollard lighting for many reasons. Firstly, it is corrosion resistant so it’s an excellent material for use in coastal locations or indeed anywhere on the British isles. It has a high level of durability and is naturally robust, so fantastically well suited for bollard lights installed in public settings. The polished silver finish also makes it visually appealing and contemporary. The Marina stainless steel bollard lights hold all these qualities, high specifications, and more. The heavy-duty body of the Marina is a solid 2mm thick, and has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65; highly suitable for outdoor use and 240v mains installation. To help the weatherproof factor of the 316 bollard light, the top of the seemingly flat head is actually slightly domed to allow rain water to run off.

Extra Sturdy Surface Mount or Root Mount In-Ground Mounting for Ultimate StabilityStainless Steel Root Mount Photocell Bollard Light - Marina

Each standard Marina 316 stainless steel bollard has an extra thick 5mm internal mounting base. This can mount onto any flat surface and is compatible with root mount J-Bolts if required. For more stability and security, an in-ground option (pictured right) is available, whereby the tube is 0.4m longer and sinks 0.4m in-ground, leaving 1.0m above ground without losing any height. Indeed, the tube can be sunk further in-ground to add even further stability and if a shorter height above ground is required. A strong mounting bar inside the tubular body (supplied) also acts as an anchor when set into concrete.

Anti-Glare Louvres in Head

Some bollard light louvres are nearly flat, so are more decorative instead of functional, and can still produce glare when at eye level e.g. when used in car parks. Marina louvres combat this issue by being more angled with an extruded rim downwards from the underside of the louvre. Also, reducing spacing between each louvre helps reduce glare. Marina 316 Stainless Steel Bollard Light louvres throw light outwards and downwards to the floor. This produces much less glare for passers-by, and is more effective at illuminating pathways. This directional illumination reduces light pollution, and protects nocturnal wildlife from unnecessary upward light.

                                           Marina 316 stainless steel bollard Lit Up      Amber lamp in stainless bollard

Increased LED Lamp Capacity for Optimum Performance 

The Marina is suitable for high output, replaceable 15W & 20W LED corn lamps in amber 1800K, warm 3000K or daylight 6500K white. The amber LED lamps are the best for nocturnal wildlife and are recommended for lighting in areas of natural significance. Read more HERE. We deliberately placed the E27 bulb holder lower to optimise performance from the corn lamps. Importantly, the 20W lamp sits central to louvres so there is an even distribution of light through each one. There are no inactive/dark louvres on the Marina.

Marin bollard louvres and bulb

A specially designed E27 lamp ‘extender’ is supplied and lifts the 15W corn bulb or other GLS type lamps to the same position as the 20W corn bulb. This gives a very similar spread of light even though outputs can differ.

Tube Diameter

The 140mm diameter tube of Marina caters for the improved larger louvre design as well as improved air circulation for heat dissipation of the LED bulb. Too much heat around the LED lightbulb will reduce its lifespan. Air circulation in sealed products such as this is important and a feature we have ensured within this design.

Photocell & PIR Motion Sensor Options – Conserve Energy and Increase Security

It’s rare to find PIR motion sensor bollards made from 316 marine grade stainless steel (pictured below), but Marinas have a standard, photocell or PIR option. The two main reasons for adding these options are to reduce light pollution and conserve energy consumption. Also, the sensor functions add security in public spaces. The PIR (passive infra-red) works for up to 8m, which is very effective for wide pathways. It also has an in-built photocell sensor. The PIR combined with the anti-glare louvres reduce light pollution enormously. The light doesn’t spill into unwanted areas all throughout the night, as the lights are only ON when they’re needed. Pathways in both urban and rural areas can benefit from this function. The PIR motion sensor has adjustable settings via the dipswitch located below the bulb holder. These are; photocell dusk to dawn working mode, distance sensitivity and time delay from 5 seconds to 8 minutes.

Marina PIR Stainless Steel Bollard


The Marina 316 Stainless Steel Bollards really are the ideal bollard lighting upgrade for anyone looking for heavy-duty bollard lights. Whether replacing existing or old bollards or looking to source a cutting-edge product that will last the test of time, the range has a bollard for every application.

If you require further information or would like a quote for a commercial project then please contact the Lumena Team on 01327 871161



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