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We stock a variety of 12v plug and play lights for all applications. They are extremely easy to install with no wiring required. Simply plug the light into the adaptor of a splitter or transformer. A threaded screw cap then secures into place. Numerous fittings can be connected to one transformer via the Versa splitters. The transformer then plugs into an outdoor socket. 12v plug & play lights are very safe for the garden and more uited to damp weather conditions.

  • 12v spike lights
  • 12v decking lights
  • 12v step lights
  • 12v path lights / post lights
  • 12v spreadlights
  • 12v underwater lights
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£40.00 £48.00 (inc vat)
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£38.00 £45.60 (inc vat)
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12v Plug & Play - VERSA Range

LuxRox 12v Garden Rock Lights – Sandstone

From: £62.00£30.00
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