Lumena Lights Celebrates 15 years in business

Lumena Lights celebrates 15 years in business this month. Since its inception in 2009, it has come a long way…!

Martin Bennett - Managing Director

Wow! It’s 15 years in business for Lumena Lights Ltd!  It all started with 3 members of staff, 2 of which are still with the company today, and M.D., Martin Bennett, (left) establishing Lumena in 2009. The aim was to supply high-quality energy efficient products to a customer base with growing demand. Lumena began by importing CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lightbulbs), and outdoor floodlights with a CFL as a greener alternative to traditional halogen/tungsten filament lamps. Until then, energy saving lamps were either spiral or stick shape. Lumena CFLs were available in designs that looked much better, in different shapes, bases and colour temperatures. We still get asked about our 120mm Globe bulb 15 years later!

Our official e-commerce platform, lumenalights.com, went live in September 2010, offering customers the opportunity to purchase our products. The first sale on our platform was a Luxora Energy Saving Floodlight. The floodlights were available with different coloured, toughened glass dichroic lenses. They were also supplied with a 40W CFL at 2400 lumens, almost as bright as a 200W linear halogen.

Due to the hugely competitive market for CFLs, there was a focus shift to the outdoor lighting sector, alongside the existing products. In 2011, the Pro-Bollard Lighting Range launched, which became our first major range of outdoor lighting with a commercial edge. Initially available with Fortress and Lighthouse designs in Green and Black, various heights were offered. The ‘garden-green’ finish (below) was popularly used in golf courses and other rural areas. We continuously developed new designs with various head styles, heights, and mounting systems. The theory behind an ES/E27 lamp holder in all variations was to ensure that firstly, the customer had ultimate choice on light output and colour temperature. Secondly it was so that if a lamp should fail, it was quick and easy to replace. This customer-friendly approach to Lumena’s products is a key company value.

Lighthouse bollards in car park

Dusk to Dawn Bollard

The Pro-Bollard range remains one of our core offerings, with electrical wholesalers opting for Lumena, down to choice, quality and 5 year warranty. The addition of bollards with an integrated Photocell on all variations also sets Lumena apart! 

See our full range of Commercial Bollard Lighting HERE

In 2012, we took a significant step forward in our sustainability mission by introducing our integrated LED lighting range, Qubus.Qubus DUALED - Solid Aluminium LED Twin Downlight

As LED technology evolved, CFLs started to phase out, and LED became the preferred low-energy lighting solution. Combining LED with solid aluminium made for streamline ultra-modern designs such as the ‘DuaLED’ (right).


Later that year also saw the launch of one of our core ranges. This was our 12v garden lighting range, the ‘Charleston CoBra’ range

The aim was to develop a range of low voltage 12v lights that could be installed by anybody with an outdoor plug socket. Lights would be powered by a 240v -12v transformer. At the time, 12v lights on the market were really only available as kits and were generally lower-quality. The Charleston CoBra (Copper and Brass) lights are the exact opposite. Solid, durable and high-end products that look great and built to last.

Popular with Garden designers!
Landscape Show Lumena Lighst
Leanne at an early Landscape Show










After promoting the range to Landscapers and Garden Designers, there was an amazing reaction from the sector. Many lights have been used in award-winning garden designs and have been featured on television (ITV’s Love Your Garden and others). During the supply of 12v lights, we incorporated the use of 2-pin connector cables on many products for easy ‘plug and play’ installation The VERSA range continues to grow and is still a core range for Lumena. See all 12v lights HERE

Starlight 12v hanging lights 12v Waterproof Transformer

By 2013, our every-day product range included a large selection of stainless steel lighting (Stellus) and bollard lighting. Both ranges incorporate dusk-to-dawn (photocell) technology. Photocells or dusk to dawn sensors have always been a strong-point for Lumena, recognising customer requirements to reduce power consumption and improve lighting security. As well as photocell options, many of the lights had PIR motion sensors, again to be more efficient and security conscious.

Throughout the years, we have significantly grown our garden lighting and bollard lighting ranges, offering stylish and durable energy-efficient lighting options.

In 2014, research on solar LED lighting ensued, highlighting the challenge of supplying solar technology suitable for the UK climate with affordable prices for customers. Our design team focused on build quality, functionality, and longevity. Despite many options falling short of our requirements, the Solamon emerged as our first solar range with solar bollards, pedestals, and wall lights. These lights featured clear and frosted glass options, as well as PIR motion sensors. Equipped with highly efficient Lithium Batteries, they were built to last, with many still performing strongly 10 years on.

Moving forward to 2018, advancements in solar technology were rapid. With more efficient solar panels, brighter LEDs, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries available, we decided to expand our Solar range. Lumena collaborated with manufacturers to create lights tailored to the British climate, fine-tuning electronic controllers for optimal illumination.

By mid-2019, we introduced the revolutionary Pro Solar Range. Solar lighting designed for use in UK weather, 365 nights a year.

When the range was launched, solar lighting in general had a reputation for being low quality and not illuminating or lasting any time. This ground-breaking range was launched to smash that idea! The range has been well-received by the electrical trade seeking to enhance their eco-friendly practices and looking for reliable solar lighting. The solar lights have guarantees of up to 5 years unlike many other brands. They have high-capacity long life Lithium-Ion batteries, long-life LEDs and highly efficient solar panels. Most lights have gradual dimming sequences or functions such as PIRs to extend illumination time. Typically, lights last all night even in a UK winter. The lights are installed in various public spaces like hospitals, holiday parks, housing estates, and prestigious venues such as the Eden Project, Cornwall.

sol icon pir solar bollard

The ViaMAX Solar Street Lights were officially launched in 2021. This range features solar-powered lamp posts designed for large-scale commercial projects. Installation venues include holiday parks, council buildings and NHS hospitals.

Solar Street Lights NHS

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2021, Lumena remained active as many individuals stayed at home with sudden inspiration to revamp their gardens. Garden lighting constituted a significant portion of our product sales during this period.

However, as soon as traders resumed their normal activities, solar bollard lighting and 240v bollard lighting regained their dominant position. From 2023 onwards, and throughout 2024, solar bollard lighting accounts for more than 50% of all sales. Lumena’s status as one of the top nationwide suppliers of solar lighting is now real! On offer is the largest range of professional solar lighting in the UK.

In 2024,new commercial 240v bollard lights have been added with high-spec built in LEDs and colour temperature switch – THE BOLEDA RANGE

We also continue to specify lights crafted from the most durable materials. The MARINA bollard is a great example of this, made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel it is the toughest bollard we supply and we we even have a PIR version!

Since inception, Lumena Lights has consistently pursued innovation and expansion across all their product lines. Our ongoing mission remains the same – to provide the most environmentally friendly lighting solutions that are both reliable and sustainable. Year after year, we strive to develop new products to meet this objective.

From an initial idea, a thriving outdoor lighting business with a 10 strong team has emerged! Over the years we’ve enjoyed many moments as a team including many national and international trade shows, charity fundraisers, seminars, naming, selecting and branding new products, choosing Lumena freebies (Umbrellas, water bottles and more!) sponsoring a rallycross driver, visiting install venues, team nights out and having new roles being created and skills strengthened. Of course, there’s the been mini-team members that have entered the world during this time!

Elliot is CAD trained
Lumena Brollies!
Hat Day!









Leanne & Ben
Fun Times!
National Sales Manager Richard Prince








At Lumena, we are a work family, and as a tight-knit team we work together in all aspects of the Company. We thrive in offering the best customer service and products possible, and have a great team to fulfil this Company philosophy. We believe in our products and our proud of how far we have come over the past 15 years. There’s lots of exciting things to come this year and we look forward to experiencing what the future will bring.

Lumena Team 2024