Pro-Bollard Lighting Range Expanded – PIR Options Now Added!

Our Pro-Bollard Range has expanded…

The PIRfect addition

motion sensor bollard light

Following customer feedback, we are extremely excited to launch our BRAND NEW 240v PIR Bollards. We always invite customers to approach us with new ideas and requirements and make it our mission to successfully bring these items to the UK market. This was no exception. We trialed a number of PIRs over the previous months and have now finalised the perfect solution to Motion Sensor Bollard Lighting

PIRs add security, creating safe areas at night, and also save energy by preventing unnecessary illumination at times when artificial light is not required. This particular PIR has many adjustable settings. Adjust light sensitivity, detection range and illumination time with a simple dip switch.

The Pro-Bollard Range

Since their launch back in 2011, our revolutionary, modular Pro-Bollard range has continually evolved and fast become one of our core ranges. Consisting of Fortress, Ledifice, Lighthouse and Parabola head designs, 3 tops, multiple heights, surface mount or professional root mount, and of course standard, photocell and the most recent addition, PIR motion sensor, over 200 variations are now available. Our photocell bollards are converted in house and have proven, and continue, to be one of our most successful products! Now with these new PIR options, we know that this exciting addition will furthermore secure Lumena’s position of supplying what we believe to be the largest range of Bollard Lighting in the UK.

Each design has its own unique feature:

  • Fortress is particularly vandal resistant with external, aluminium louvres and minimal glare
  • Lighthouse has a “typical” bollard light appearance with reflective louvres
  • Ledifice benefits from a much larger head to accommodate larger, higher output corn lamps
  • Parabola is designed as a low level marker light

Bespoke powder coating can also be arranged. Whatever project is to be fulfilled, we have the perfect bollard light for the job!

240v Motion Sensor Bollards – the PIRfect Addition

We have combined a sturdy, reliable bollard light design with a 13 year track record, with automated technology to create a superlative PIR Bollard Light. Rated IP65 with an IK10 rated body, we are confident our bollards will long outlive the 5 year guarantee; however, as a modular range, all components are easily replaceable should the need arise, including the E27 corn lamp. Various wattages and colour temperatures are also on offer to fulfil your exact illumination requirements. Select your desired head, mounting option, height and lamp and everything you need will be delivered for easy installation. Additional accessories, such as security screw kits, enhance the Pro-Bollards further when installed in public areas.

Pro Bollards with PIR Sensor are available now in all designs with 0.8m and 1.0m height options, adding security and ambience to any area. Order online today or contact your local Wholesaler for super quick delivery!