Solar Sign Lighting – Easy Solutions to Illuminate Signage with No Mains Power

Signa Solar Sign Light Lumena - Solar sign lighting

Solar Sign Lighting – The SIGNA is Here….!

Over the last 10 years there has been much expansion of rural venues such as garden centres and farms to include cafes, shops, large play areas and accommodation to add value and turnover to businesses, as well as customer satisfaction. Housing developments also continue to thrive on brand new plots often situated just outside many UK towns.

Outdoor lighting for businesses and developments such as these is a major consideration as it can be costly and time-consuming to have 240V mains lighting installed throughout an entire outdoor space at these venues. Ongoing costs have to be mapped out carefully too in regard to electricity usage and any ongoing maintenance required.

Thankfully, businesses are now searching for energy saving outdoor lighting to save on running and installation costs, but also outdoor lighting solutions that consider the environment.

A specific requirement for these premises is lighting signage.

Such signs can be large and usually promote the venue or development. Illuminating outdoor signs can be tricky as they are usually situated a fair distance from the nearest building or mains power source. Lighting signs with mains power (240V) also means armoured cable installation to the light fitting. Thankfully there are now impressively long-lasting and bright solar sign lighting solutions. These high-quality solar sign lights require no cabling, no wiring and have no ongoing cost.

Lumena lights have launched the new Super Bright 6W LED Pro-Solar Sign Light – the SIGNA. The Signa is perfect for businesses wanting to ensure their signage is visible at dusk and throughout dark hours. This durable IP65 solar sign light is so useful if the sign is a long way from a power source. This could be near the roadside or on a verge. The output of the Signa is a bright 720 lumens in cool white. It gives LED light projection from the convex casing. The Signa has a 5 year guarantee.

A full capacity battery produces up to 23 hours illumination time

The efficiency and reliability of the Signa solar sign light is due to a few key specifications. Firstly, the light contains a monocrystalline solar panel and replaceable LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries which fully charge in 6-8 hours of full sunshine. Both components will last many years. The size of the solar panel is double the size of the LED strip for optimum charging. Naturally the battery will re-charge every day in daylight so will extend illumination.

Probably the most important function is the gradual dimming sequence which steps down from 100% to 30% brightness throughout dark hours. This means that the Signa’s solar sign lighting will last all night even during winter months in the UK apart from extremely dark days.

Versatile mounting to light any sign

The Signa Solar Sign Light has three mounting positions on the L-shaped arm meaning the projection of light is adjustable. Choose a snug fit to the surface for a more focused beam, or further away for a more broad beam. One Signa will illuminate a sign up to 1m width. Cover larger signs and walls with more than one Signa to create the perfect cross section.

The sturdy, 3mm thick, multiway mounting brackets and additional plates allow various mounting options (more information on listing). Clear sign graphics by mounting the Signa behind the sign or mount to the front of the sign.

If up-lighting signage, there is another solar sign light available – The SOLLUX 

Finally, professional solar sign lighting that takes away the need for major cable installation and will provide high output all year round.

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