Lumena Solar PIR Bollards – Advanced Functionality for 2023

PIR solar path lights by Lumena

Innovative lighting specialists Lumena launch ground-breaking Solar PIR Bollards

Since the successful 2019 launch of their ‘Pro Solar’ bollards and solar street lighting; high profile clients across the UK have specified the ranges, with installations at Eton College, the Eden project, University of Oxford, hospitality venues such as Haven parks, Kettering General Hospital, various councils, new housing developments and private gardens.

The hugely in-demand Solar bollards illuminate at full brightness when darkness falls. They then follow a gradual dimming sequence, starting at 100% and eventually dimming to 30%. The especially calibrated electronic controls give all night illumination, even in a typical UK January.  Highly-efficient panels, brighter LEDs, and high capacity, long-life lithium-Ion / LiFePO4 batteries retain charge and help to provide a greener, more sustainable lighting solution.

Based on the success of the bollards, and the inclusion of the ‘Sol-Icon’ two-sided motion sensor path light at Cornwall’s Eden Project (pictured), Lumena have added three more Solar PIR bollards to their range.

PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensors are a fantastic charge-retaining factor, illuminating when motion is detected, then dimming or turning off when the area is clear. This function saves more of the sun’s charge, prevents light pollution, and protects nocturnal wildlife from artificial light. There’s less impact of wasted light in comparison to constant lighting; a great feature when facing the current climate challenge.

sol icon pir solar bollard


The ‘Panama’ is the best-selling solar bollard design and is now available with a PIR.

Panama PIR solar bollard lumena web

The two other designs are the anti-glare ‘Litecharga’ and higher output ‘Olympia’. When the PIR sensor is triggered, the PIR bollards illuminate at 100% brightness. After 30 seconds, they return to 50% brightness. In addition, the Active Smart Power System (ASPS) further reduces light emission when the battery voltage is low. This results in longer-lasting light functionality.

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