Pro Solar SOL-ICON – Two Sided PIR Solar Path Light

From: £295.00

UK Registered Design: 6249425

The Sol-Icon PIR Solar Path Light is a very unique design. Not only is it super slimline, it is also a two sided path light, designed to illuminate in both directions independantly. From a sideways view, the path light is almost non-existant. Each side has a control button which selects the mode for the corresponding side of 10W LEDs (1000 lumens per side – total 2000 lm). A PIR is also located on both sides which are triggered individually and illuminate the LEDs on the relevant side. A combination of the following modes can be selected on each side: PIR mode, constant low level (dusk to dawn) and off.

Multiple mounting options via the internal mounting base included, or use J-Bolts to root mount into wet concrete.

Please note, if located very close to the coast, this may affect the finish of the bollard.

Please allow up to 2-3 working days for delivery.

Pro solar 5 year warranty lumena lights