Pro Solar Litecharga – 800mm Solar Bollard Light

From: £235.00

UK Registered Design: 6074583

The Litecharga Solar Bollard Light is a 160mm diam. bollard with anti glare, frosted white polycarbonate lens. It is designed to look similar to a standard, mains commercial bollard light. At dusk, the solar bollard light will illuminate at full brightness, and then follow a gradual dimming sequence until it reaches 30% brightness after 5 hours. From then on it will remain at 30% until dawn. Even in the dullest of weather, our solar lights will still illuminate, although they may not last the entire night cycle, which in many cases is not a necessity.

Epistar LED chips (2W) generate a high lumen output with up to 50,000 hours life. Surface mount via the internal mounting base or use J-Bolts to root mount into wet concrete.

IK IMPACT TESTED – see specifications below for more information.

Please note, if located very close to the coast, this may affect the finish of the bollard.

Please allow up to 2-3 working days for delivery.

Pro solar 5 year warranty lumena lights