Smartspike 60 – Natural Copper Spike Light (12v)

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Copper Spike Light, the Smartspike 60 is a high quality naturally durable spotlight. It’s ideal for use in any garden or outdoor space to highlight, plants, trees or statues. The high quality real natural Copper Spike Light body has a traditional charm. It has an adjustable spotlight neck made from solid brass. This adds character to this 12v garden spotlight and maintains its durability.

Most commonly used as an uplight, the spotlight head and neck connects to a 250mm spike to mount into earth. The Smartspike 60 Copper spikelight is IP65 so highly weatherproof. Being made from Copper, it will oxidise and weather naturally and decoratively over time, eventually maintaining a Verdigris finish.

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Use dichroic coloured lenses to create beautiful coloured effects.