12v AC Waterproof Transformer (Various Wattages) – Versa Plug & Play Output Cable

From: £19.00

This 12v plug & play transformer is for use with 12v Garden Lights, particularly the Versa Plug & Play Range. A 3 pin UK plug is attached to 1m of 3 core rubber waterproof input cable resulting in easy installation with no wiring. The 240v AC mains input then converts to 12v AC output via the transformer. Lumena transformers are available with a choice of 2 core plug and play output cable in various lengths. The output cable is detachable and connects to the transformer and fittings with a 2 pin plug at each end, secured with a threaded cap.


The output of this transformer is A/C, therefore may not be suitable for some 12v LED systems. All Lumena 12v LED lamps and fittings will work with this transformer.

DO NOT TOTALLY SUBMERGE IN WATER. Although rated IP68, if the input mains voltage cable should become damaged, a rick of electrocution could result

UK Plug should be located indoors or connected to a waterproof socket.