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Pro Solar – High Lumens LED Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control

The Lumelux Solar Flood Light is extremely durable, made from die-cast aluminium / aluminium alloy and rated IP67. It is available in 3 sizes: 25w, 60w and 120w, all supplied with long range remote control (up to 20m). They are all impressively bright; the largest with an output of 2400 lumens. The Lumelux incorporates high power LEDs in daylight white which have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours as well as high lumens outputs. Switch bewteen various functions with the remote control (see image below). Set timers at 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours, as well as dusk to dawn. In addition, adjust the light output from full brightness to 50% brightness, or dim to any light output to match your requirements.

The solar panel is separate, rather than physically built directly into the Lumelux solar flood light. It connects to the solar flood light with a long 4m plug & play cable. As a result, the solar panel can be situated away from the light source; ideally in the sunniest position. The light itself can remain in a shaded position. This also means the solar floodlight will uplight trees which is not possible with other solar lights. Additionally, the polycrystalline solar panels are much bigger. The larger the panel, the more effective they will be at absorbing sunlight to generate energy. The long life, Lithium Ion batteries (LifePO4), have a lifespan of up to 8 years and retain charge well due to their high capacity. The percentage of charge remining is displayed on the digital display, as well as timer mode indication.

After 5-6 hours of full sunshine, the Lumelux LED Solar Flood Light will reach full charge, and consequently, lasts for up to 2 full nights. Even in the dullest of weather, our solar lights will still illuminate, although they may not last the entire night cycle, which in many cases is not a necessity. The Lumelux has multiple functions, selected via the remote control – including set timed hours, dusk to dawn, on/off override and adjustable brightness (see specs for more info). Installation is simple for both the flood light and solar panel with keyhole surface mounting via the adjustable bracket.

Lumelux Remote Control Explanation

The Future is Solar…

Solar is clearly becoming a serious consideration for many applications due to the growing concerns of the current climate. Solar energy is one of the World’s most innovative renewable power sources making a huge difference to the environment. The sun charges the rechargeable batteries during the day which is stored and used at night. There has been a really positive progression with solar technology and strongly believe now is the time to really push forward and make the change. Other benefits are clear for end users, with no running, installation or maintenance costs. There will always be areas which are difficult to illuminate, particularly due to wiring issues. Solar is the perfect solution.

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120W, 25W, 60W


Sanan 5730 LEDs

Colour Temperature (kelvins)

Daylight White – 6500K

Lumens Output

25W = 500-1000 lm, 60W = 1200-1500 lm, 120W = 2400-3000 lm

Beam Angle

120 Degrees


Dusk to Dawn (Auto)
3 Hours Timer – Constant On (3h)
5 Hours Timer – Constant On (5h)
8 Hours Timer – Constant On (8h)
Adjustable Brightness
Contant On / Off Override

Remote Control

20m Range
2 x AAA Batteries included

LED Expected Life

Up to 50,000 hours


Light Sensor

IP Rating


Battery Type

Lithium 36250 LifePO4
25W = 3.7V 6AH, 60W = 3.7V 820AH, 120W = 6.4V 30AH

Solar Panel

Polycrystalline Solar Panel
25W = 6V 10W, 60W = 6V 18W, 120W = 12V 30W

Charging Time

5-6 hours

Illumination Time

12-14 hours (varies according to function)

Illumination Area

25W = 80 sq.m, 60W = 120 sq.m, 120W = 150 sq.m

Cable Length

Over 4m

Working Temperature

-25 to 60˚C


Aluminium Alloy, Die-cast Aluminium, Tempered Glass

Mounting Options

Surface Mount


3 Years

Waste Disposal / Recycling

Batteries: BPRN0843, Electrical: WEE/KC3440XY

It is important that anybody installing or carrying out maintenance on Lumena Products refer to the instruction manual prior to commencing work. Lumena Lights ensure instructions available online are completely up to date and accurate.




Recommended for use with Pro Solar LUMELUX - High Output Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control (25W, 60W, 120W)

Lumelux Extension Cable - approx. 5m £19.00 £22.80 (inc vat)

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