Lumelux Extension Cable – approx. 5m

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This simple accessory makes all the difference to Lumelux Solar Floodlight Installation.

Extend the distance between the Flood Light and adjustable Solar Panel to up to 10m with this additional extension cable. The male and female adpators simply push in to the existing cables of the fitting and panel and are secured in place with a screw cap for a watertight connection. This ensures optimum placement of the solar panel to absorb as much sun rays as possible for highly effective charging. The flood light can then be located further away. This is particularly handy when it comes to uplighting trees. The canopy of trees often creates a lot of shadow which is not ideal for the solar panel. With the Lumelux extension cable, the solar panel can clear the trees to charge effectively with no obstructions.

Furthermore there is no wiring involved – simple yes effective!

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