Solamon – Professional Solar Wall Light

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Professional Solar Wall Lights – THE ‘SOLAMON’ RANGE

These professional solar wall lights have high capacity long life batteries which last several years. This is in comparison to lower cost solar lighting which do not usually last much longer than one season. The long life Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries are replaceable and have no memory effect so will always retain a full charge unlike Nickel Cadmium batteries that will rapidly lose their storage ability. They are the same type of batteries ( Li-ion ) as used in the latest high power rechargeable drills and other power tools.

They have a 70 lumen output which is more than enough for security and around 10 times more than budget Solar lights which often have only 1 LED. The LEDs will illuminate at full brightness for 6 hours when fully charged, and then reduce to 30% brightness to conserve battery life.

The highly sensitive large solar panels will charge on most days but on the cloudiest and wet of days in winter, there may be insufficient light to totally re-charge the batteries. It may take 2 days of bright weather to fully re-charge the batteries.. If only partly charged the light will only stay on a for a few hours. Normally the light will stay on all night long.

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