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Height (m)

0.65m – 1.6m (above ground), Up to 0.6m (above ground)


Aluminium, Polycarbonate


Garden Green, Graphite Black


220 – 240v





Colour Temperature (kelvins)

Daylight White – 6500K, Warm White – 3000K

Lumen Output

Daylight = 850lm, Warm = 750lm

Average Life (hours)

up to 30,000


Meanwell (spares available)


VDE H05VV-F 3 core 0.75mm (approx. 3m from base of head)


Root Mount (400mm below ground) – Anchor Bar Supplied

IP Rating



2 Years, Reduced 1 year warranty period for cable

Enterprise – LED Path Light with Professional In Ground Root Mount System

This stylish, extra stable root mount led path light is available in heights of up 0.6m or up to 1.6m above ground. Standard surface mount versions are also available in heights of 0.6m and 1m.

The slimline 48mm diameter body and compact base enable this down light to fix in the smallest of outdoor areas without being intrusive. This is a versatile and convenient aspect of the design. The flat, spaceship shaped head spreads light outwards and downwards onto pathways or areas of planting positioned beneath and around the head. Small beams of light shoot from the top of the head to create a unique, ornamental, starship effect.

The Enterprise is available in a matte Black finish as well as our ever popular ‘garden green’. Garden green is ideal to ‘blend in’ more with natural surroundings of plants and foliage. Extruded aluminium with a powder-coated finish, this robust, versatile light is suited to more commercial areas such as pub gardens and hotel grounds. It also suits residential gardens; bridging the gap between commercial and garden lighting.

Both warm white and daylight white 12W CREE LED options are available with a high lumen output of up to 850lm. Both have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. Spares are available.

This Professional ‘In-Ground’ Root Mount System is ideal for areas where extra security and permanence is important.  Root mount bollards are extended in length so that at least 400mm can be securely concreted in place without losing height above ground. A strong mounting bar inside the tubular body acts as an anchor when set into concrete.

As with most purchases, it is important that items are maintained correctly after installation. This is especially important for outdoor lighting which can be affected by the outdoor environment, especially in harsher areas such as coastal areas. By not following the aftercare instructions, which are always included with the relevant product, this may void any guarantees or warranties.


Lumena offer a number of Teak bollards and post lights in a range of sizes. Teak wood is a part of the ‘Tectona Grandis’ hardwood species and is highly durable, producing a natural oil which helps protect from outdoor conditions. As Teak is subject to outdoor weather conditions, it starts to age and develop a duller, soft, grey appearance. This elegant, lightweight wood is ideal for both domestic and commercial use and is very easy to maintain.

To add a further protective coating from weather conditions, teak sealer is highly recommended. Lumena always apply at least one coat of Teak sealer prior to dispatch but this should also be applied periodically to help protect and freshen up the path lights.



Contrary to popular belief, Stainless steel needs looking after; especially in exposed and coastal areas. If not cleaning on a regular basis, the acid that is ever present in the air ( and salt in coastal areas) will affect the surface causing pitting and even rust like staining (known as ‘Tea staining’ ) to appear.

To keep your lights looking good, simply wipe clean the outside with a damp cloth and then dry once a month, (more frequently in coastal areas). Specialist stainless steel cleaning products can be used (We recommend and stock ‘Kilrock stainless steel cleaner’) but never use an ABRASIVE cleaner. In extreme conditions we recommend applying 2 coats of Clear lacquer to protect the steel surface. (We recommend and stock ‘Simoniz’ clear lacquer).



Both brass and copper are extremely durable materials, with brass being a combination of copper and zinc, meaning neither can rust or corrode. Over time brass will subtly weather and naturally change to a darker colour which will blend in with the garden surroundings. Copper also naturally changes colour quite dramatically, often resulting in a brown or ‘verdigris’ effect, again to blend in with the outdoor surroundings. This is because copper reacts with atmospheric oxygen. Although some people may prefer a pristine, shiny copper finish, the oxide layer in fact prevents corrosion and simply adds to the character of natural copper creating a traditional, ‘olde worlde’ appearance. If a new copper finish is preferred, a layer of lacquer can prevent / slow down the weathering process.



240v fittings can be affected by damp conditions, typically when located outdoors. When a fitting is located outside in the cold air combined with the heat produced by the lamp inside, it is inevitible that condensation will occur, just as it does on bedroom windows in the home. If too much condensation is produced, this could result in the fitting tripping, especially in these types of fittings where a drainage hole is not possible. To combat this, Lumena include silica gel with all 240v in-ground lights and spike light to soak up any excess moisture – these should not be removed but replaced periodically and fittings checked. If any water is sitting in the fitting, this should be tipped out and the fitting safely dried out. Condensation can be more prominent when the fitting has been opened on a damp day, as the damp air will then be trapped inside when re-sealed. Therefore it is recommended that any maintenance, including changing bulbs, is performed on a dry day. An additional practice put in place by Lumena is to apply Lithium Grease to the bulb holder / bulb which acts as an additional seal to prevent tripping. Although this prevents tripping, the fittings will still need to be checked and dried out should water sit inside the fitting. For extra protection, fitting can also be filled with Wiska Gel (electrical insulation).

It is important that anybody installing or carrying out maintenance on Lumena Products, including bulb changes, refer to the instruction manual prior to commencing work. Lumena Lights ensure instructions available online are completely up to date and accurate.




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