Charleston Polycarbonate Threaded Ground Spike (12v Plug & Play)

£3.00 £3.60 (inc vat)

For Use with Charleston Cobra Spreadlights, Tree Lights and Uplights

12v Plug & Play Lights have a 2 pin plug-in connector at the end of the length of cable with a connector diameter of approx 10mm. This Polycarbonate Ground Spike has a special ‘cut-out’ in the thread to allow for the connector to fit through. It is very durable with four fins as well as anchor-base for further stability. The fins lock the spike into the ground efficiently and support the attached garden light. Notably, the 0.75 inch thread of this robust spike makes it suitable for use with all Charleston Cobra lights. Various other interchangeable accessories are available for the Charleston 12v Plug & Play lights, including extension poles, a brass surface mount and an alternative Brass ground spike.

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