Charleston Cobra Gutter Mount / Wall Bracket, Brass (Rustic Bronze Finish)

£9.50 £11.40 (inc vat)

The Solid BrassĀ Charleston Lights Gutter Mount has a rustic Bronze finish. Incredibably versatile, it secures to any flat surface from the side via 2 screws. It is ideal for adapting Charleston Cobra Spreadlights, Director spot Lights and Uplights, or any other fitting with a 0.75″ thread.

The Charleston Lights Gutter Mount has a detachable locking nut in its’ centre. It detaches in order to easily screw round the thread of the light. Once fastened in position, both nut and light will attach back into the gutter mount.

Other interchangeable mounting accessories are available for use with the Charleston Cobra Range. These include a 300mm or 900mm extension pole, an adjustable extension pole, and brass and polycarbonate ground spikes. Each product has one default mounting option, however they adapt easily to create a brand new product.

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