AlvaLED – Adjustable 12v Twin Spike Light (MR16 / 12V) – Black / Green / Titanium Silver / Cocoa Copper


The AlvaLED Adjustable Twin Spike Light is a smart and modern Plug & Play garden spotlight. Includes two adjustable spotlight heads which attach to the twin adaptor in almost any direction to create various visual lighting affects. Both spotlights in the same position will generate a stronger, more concentrated beam. Position the heads at different angles creates dramatic uplighting in two different directions. Each spotlight head is also adjustable over 180 degrees. The twin adaptor attaches to the substantial, 40cm pole of the same finish. Finally, this attaches to the 4 fin ground spike which provides extra stability with minimal movement in soft ground.

The MR16 bulb holder means multiple options for the LED lamp used (sold separately), such as lumen output, wattage and colour temperature.

Four different finishes available:

  • Classic black powder coated finish – popular choice, looks great in daylight and disappears in darkness
  • Garden green powder coated – blends in with foliage
  • Modern titanium silver anodised finish – lightweight alternative to contemporary stainless steel
  • Cocoa anodised finish – designed to look very similar to polished copper at a fraction of the price