24v DC LED Driver – 15w or 30w (DConnect Plug & Play)

From: £14.50£8.70

This 24v DC LED driver is for use with 24v DConnect Garden Lights, particularly the Litecast and Lediflex ranges. A 3 pin UK plug is attached to 1.5m of fixed 3 core PVC waterproof input cable. As a result, no wiring is required. The 240v AC mains input then converts to 24v DC output via the 24v constant voltage LED driver.

The output cable has a ‘D’ Shape plug & play male 2 pin adaptor for easy installation. If 2 core open-end is required rather than plug & play, select the female adaptor from the drop down menu. DConnect Male to Female Extension Cables enable longer cable runs between the driver and the fitting and a more remote placing of the driver. They are available in 1m, 3m and 5m lengths and link together to create any length.