Timber Meets Technology – Latest Solar Lighting Tech Combines with Solid Pine

Solar Lighting - Timber and Technology

Outdoor Lights where Traditional & Modern materials combine

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said;  ‘Wood is universally beautiful to a man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials’

Today there is a welcome focus on sourcing and re-using natural materials within landscape designs and redevelopments. These durable materials such as raw copper, solid brass and indeed, wood, will stand the test of time. Importantly, they also maintain their stylish aesthetic as the years progress.

Although often used on large scale developments or refurbs, (especially timber), successful planning is ‘in the detail’. The theme and the use of materials can continue ‘at ground level’; viewed and experienced through seating, features and light fittings.

Northamptonshire based Landscape Lighting specialists Lumena are passionate about incorporating natural materials into their professional outdoor lights. They have manufactured innovative designs where ‘Timber meets Technology’.

An ongoing collaboration with UK landscape suppliers M&M Timber familiarised Solid ‘Radiata’ pine to Lumena. A fantastic heavy-duty, dense wood from South Africa with low splitting properties. This top quality pine, is pressure treated with Tanalith E preservative in accordance with BS8417 to meet Use Class 4. It has an expected life of up to 15 years. Solid Brass lights are incorporated into machined orifices in timber sleepers or posts. These create robust, elegant path lights. 12v and 240v options are available, and all are LED compatible.

The newest design to combine these factors is within their trailblazing Pro Solar Lighting range.

The range showcases professional high output solar lighting using the latest technology to ensure 365 day charge and illumination. As Solar lights can be installed anywhere, it made sense to experiment. They found that one light, the ‘Secursol’ could easily mount on to a slimmer version of the same high quality pine used for the Radiata range.

The ‘Secursol’ remote control PIR light is impressively bright with substantial detection range, designed to mount onto a flat surface, most likely a wall. It lasts for hours, has an integrated, adjustable solar panel and different modes including a low-level security downlight, also perfect for highly efficient path lighting.

Thus the smart ‘SecurBol’ was born, by mounting the wall light onto a fully sanded 1200mm radiata pine plank. It mounts 400mm into soft ground / concrete with no restrictions on positioning, perfect for long drives as well as paths where mains power is not feasible. The plank can also screw to the surface of a low-level wall for additional 400mm height. The angle of the poly-crystalline solar panel can adjust by up to 70º to catch a better angle of UV rays without altering the direction in which the solar path light shines.

As well as pine, Lumena offer the lovely teak wood ‘Tectona’ path light with natural brass detail. Teak belongs to a species of hardwood tree called the ‘Tectona Grandis’. It’s highly durable and produces a natural oil. It’s also naturally protective of outdoor conditions. As it ages it can develop a soft, grey colour. This elegant, lightweight wood is ideal for both domestic and commercial use and easy to maintain.

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