Are Solar Powered Lights really suited to UK weather? With Lumena, the answer is YES!

Solar Garden Lights

Debunking common misconceptions on solar-powered lights in the garden

Many people have little faith in solar due to the common misconceptions about technology and functionality. Another garden lighting supplier has recently claimed some misleading and sadly inaccurate points. Some of these points may be relevant to cheaper solar lights but when investing in the higher quality solar lights such as Lumena’s Pro Solar range, you need not worry. Focusing on outdated, negative disadvantages of solar garden lights is a very unhealthy stance, especially when the whole planet is focusing on improving the environment by incorporating renewable energy sources. The ‘Elephant in the room’ is the infamous U.K weather! U.K Residents tend to always doubt solar lights based on the weather, teamed with the experience of the old, unreliable type of solar lights. Two years ago, Lumena researched further into solar technology in order to supply professional solar garden lights that function reliably in the U.K, all year round.

The aim of this article is to break down the negative views on solar lights and educate consumers about the benefits and functionality of solar lighting. Want to know more? Read on…

  • Brightness Are solar lights as bright as standard garden lighting as they’re not connected to mains power supply?

Any garden designer that has used 12v lighting or good quality solar lights, knows that effective outdoor lighting does not have to be mains powered (240v).  Older solar lights had disappointing light output but Lumena’s Pro Solar lights are impressively bright with high Lumens output, most with 100 lumens per watt. This is widely considered a decent brightness. For example, the solar floodlights, ‘Lumelux’ are equally as bright as some mains floodlights. Sol-Icon solar bollards boast a massive 2000 lumens. Ideal garden lights ‘Endura’ have 480 lumens, and all use high quality, very long-life LEDs in warm or daylight white.

  • Batteries and panels Will batteries fail within 2 years and have only 600 charge cycles? 

In most of the Pro solar lights, the expected battery life is 8 years, not 2. Lumena are so confident in the lights’ performance, they offer a substantial 5-year guarantee as standard on most products. Solar lights suitable for professional use, incorporate high-capacity Life PO4 lithium or li-ion batteries and highly efficient poly or monocrystalline or single silicon solar panels for optimum charge levels, retained for longer. Charge is preserved effectively even in lower light levels, therefore illuminating the light for longer.

  • Charging capacity and function Are solar lights calibrated to the UK climate?

This was the most important factor when launching the solar range. There would’ve been no point in getting the other aspects right and then the lights constantly failing in lower light levels during darker months. Most Lumena solar path lights have special time controllers to match the UK climate. When darkness falls, path lights illuminate at full brightness. They then follow a gradual dimming sequence until they reach 30% brightness after 5 hours. From then on it will remain at 30% until dawn or until charge runs out. Even in the dullest of weather, our solar lights will still illuminate, although they may not last the entire night cycle on very long, dark days. The average charging time for one full charge is just 8 hours. This is rather than 16 hours with some USB rechargeable models.

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