Solar Lighting to Smash the Idea of Low Power, Short Lasting models of the Past

Solar Post Light - Freeway

Solar Lighting 2019

The current proactive drive to save our planet is positive and ever-present. Solar energy is one of the World’s most innovative renewable power sources. Solar Lighting uses no power from the grid, just the sun to charge rechargeable batteries during the day, in store and ready to use at night. Other benefits are clear. There are no running and installation costs or ongoing maintenance.

Environmentally conscious consumers love the idea of solar lights, but unfortunately, lower cost versions tarnished the industry. Often extremely cheap, they failed soon after one season, and illuminated dimly.  Ultimately, now is the time for change…

2019 sees the exciting launch of the Pro Solar 365 Solar Lighting Range.

Designed for 365 day illumination; previous issues have been addressed. Lumena M.D Martin Bennett explains…

“The time is right for reliable, high output solar lights. Technology has advanced significantly, with efficient LEDs now emitting over 100 lumens per watt. Batteries are now high capacity Lithium Ion batteries as used in Electric cars, with the latest mono crystalline highly efficient solar panels. Lumena’s lights have outputs equivalent to mains powered lighting. They’ll work all year, including cloudy or rainy days.”

So confident are Lumena in the ranges’ performance, they offer a 30 day trial period. If the client isn’t completely satisfied with a light’s effectiveness after 30 days, it can be returned and refunded.

To see the full range of Solar Lights – Click Here

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