T12/T8 to T5 Converter with High Output Fluorescent T5 Tube

Dimensions N/A

220 – 240v


2ft. = 14W, 3ft. = 21W, 4ft. = 28W, 5ft. = 35W

Colour Temperature (kelvins)

6400K (Daylight White)


2ft – 14W (inc. 2 x Tubes), 3ft – 21W (inc. 2 x Tubes), 4ft – 28W (inc. 2 x Tubes), 5ft – 35W (inc. 1 x Tube)

Fitting Type

T12 to T5, T8 to T5

Energy Rating



1 Year

T12/T8 to T5 Converter with High Output Fluorescent T5 Tube

Quality construction for extended reliability and increased tube life. With a life span of approx. 20,000 hours, maintenance savings can be immense with the SMARTSTART T8 to T5 Converter.

Smartstart converters replace old fashioned T8 tubes with slimline, high frequency, high output T5 tubes. With a power saving of 30-40%, the Smartstart can reduce your energy costs considerably, and contribute to saving the environment. To install, simply remove the old T8 tube and starter (as this is not needed), then slot the T8 to T5 Smartstart Converter into the old T8 Tube Fitting. Then energy saving T5 Tubes slot into the converter – SIMPLE!

Smartstart Converters do not need the assistance of a ‘starter’; they use highly efficient, high frequency electronics instead which results in minimal maintenance. The slimline, high output tubes use 30-40% less energy than the same length older T8 tubes and emit a brighter, more intense light.

Some multiple tube fixings such as CAT2 Louvres are wired in series. These require some simple wiring modifications to enable use of the Smartstart Converters. Full wiring details are included. Wiring modifications will not take more than 5 minutes per tube but must be carried out by a qualified electrician for safety purposes and to comply with the law.

Not suitable for High Frequency T8 / T12 Fittings

Although we take extra care in packaging these items the T5 Tubes are very fragile and can be damaged if not handled with care. Lumena therefore usually supply a spare tube as an advanced replacement to cover possible damages during transit to ensure your fitting can be installed as soon as possible. If the spare tube is damaged, these cannot be replaced.


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