Solamon – Professional Solar Wall Light with PIR Motion Sensor

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Solamon – Professional Solar Wall Light with PIR Motion Sensor

This stylish solar wall light with PIR motion sensor and frosted glass is ideal for any external walls and will look great outside a porch or by an entrance. Three modern functions combine to make the ultimate energy saving outdoor security light: Solar technology, LEDs and a PIR Motion Sensor.

The professional PIR solar light automatically lights at a low level during darkness (dusk to dawn) but changes to full brightness whenever motion is detected within a 6 metre range. The light then stays on for approx. 40 seconds before reverting back to a low but acceptable level of light.

Unlike lower cost solar lights that usually last no longer than a season, these professional outdoor solar lights have high capacity long life batteries to last several years. Replaceable long life Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries with no memory effect are used, which means they will always retain a full charge unlike Nickel Cadmium batteries that will rapidly lose their storage ability. The same batteries are used in the latest high power rechargeable drills.The light is bright enough to be a useful safety feature and is around 10 times as bright as  budget solar lights which often only have 1 low power LED.

The highly sensitive large solar panels will charge on most days but on the cloudiest and wet of days in winter, there may be insufficient light to totally re-charge the batteries. It may take up to 2 days of bright weather to fully re-charge the batteries. If only partly charged the light will only stay on a for a few hours .

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