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Light Symphony Garden Lighting System – Light Symphony Dimmable LED Drivers (9x Driver Options)

The standard LED drivers are compatible with standard Light Symphony’s lighting controllers, whilst the Colour LED Drivers are compatible with Light Symphony’s RGB lighting controller. Both types provide smooth on/off and dimmable control over constant voltage (parallel wired) or current (series wired) LEDs and are thermal protected. Select from standard and RGB, 350mA, 700mA, 12V or 24V models (below), to suite the LED’s requirements for your garden. Drivers are simply powered from the dimming or switched ‘mains’ output of the lighting controller. Up to 32x 12V or 24V and 8 350mA drivers can be connected to a single RGB controller to provide over 1800Watts of LED power.

  • Power Output: 13.5 – 45W (Standard LED) / 40 – 150W (RGB Driver)
  • Dimensions: 147mm x 75mm
  • Features: Dimmable
  • Included: LED Driver, Mounting Bracket & Screws


For use with Standard Lighting Control Modules:

  • Constant Voltage 12V, 19.2W (1600mA) – LS301219VLED
  • Constant Voltage 24V, 19.2W (800mA) -LS302419VLED
  • Constant Current 350mA, 13.5W (42V) – LS303513CLED
  • Constant Current 700mA, 18W (24V) – LS307018CLED
  • Constant Voltage 1050mA 45W (24V) – LS301045CLED

For use with RGB Lighting Control Modules:

  • Constant Current RGB 350mA (30W) – LS303550RGB
  • Constant Voltage RGB 24V (55W) – LS302455RGB
  • Constant Voltage RGB 24V (150W) – LS3024150RGB
  • Constant Voltage RGB 12V (150W) – LS3012150RGB

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Power Output

13.5 – 45W (Standard LED) / 40 – 150W (RGB Driver)

Approximate Dimensions

147mm x 75mm