Lediflex LED Strip Lights Kit – White (DConnect 24v Plug & Play)

From: £30.00

The Lediflex LED Strip Lights are part of the DConnect Plug & Play Range. Flexible strip lights are available in 2m and 5m reels. Each strip contains 60 LEDs per metre, each LED with a lumens output of 7-8 lumens. As a result, the strip lights emit up to 480 lumens per metre. Most importantly, the LED strip lights are completely waterproof with an IP Rating of IP68.

Part of the DConnect 24v Plug & Play Range, the output cable has a female ‘D-Connector’ plug to plug directly into the transformer output cable. Alternatively, additional DConnect Extension Cables are available as an accessory to enable a more remote placing of the driver, further away from the fitting (1m, 3m or 5m).

The Lediflex kit includes a detachable 24v DC Transformer: 15 Watts for 2m and 30 Watts for 5m.

Available in a choice of Warm White or Daylight White.

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