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(Outdoor Lighting in the UK)

A positive force, well-documented amidst the difficult months of 2020, was a shared focus on outdoor spaces and our appreciation of them. Whether it was walks in parks or woodland, or spending time in our own garden at home, there was a widespread appreciation of ‘fresh air’ that returned to many that found there was suddenly more time to enjoy these spaces. Although the seasons change, the appreciation remains. The concept of being thankful for a homely space has also been revitalised.

In this time, trade professionals across the UK have adapted amazingly in the most part. Some have adapted to a totally different way of working. This is with accepting projects, and physically making them happen. Many Landscapers, Garden Designers and outdoor Electricians have found that their workload has increased. Thankfully, they’ve still been fully operational. A positive economic knock-on effect is that many suppliers to these trades have seen more business.

The great thing about landscaping, designing, or improving an outdoor space, is that quality advice from the trade now covers all areas. It’s always impressive when plants and path lights can be considered in the same project. Good workmanship, ideas and a passion for various different aspects of a garden is a must when considering a full landscape project. Good lighting is an important part of an overall garden layout and can totally transform a space. Outdoor lighting in the UK can instantly make a garden more homely, safe and enjoyable.

In a recent questionnaire, sent out by lighting suppliers Lumena Lights, landscapers gave insight on their thoughts on using lights in their projects:

‘One of my favourite things to do with the lighting, is to place the lights at the base of the posts of a pergola. The light then wraps up and over you catching the timber creating a full, warm, encompassing feeling’  – Cornerstone Landscapers – Northamptonshire

‘I aim to create subtle low level lighting for night ambience and access / step illumination’. The Outside Design Company – Middlesex

WithUp-lighting trees and shrubs’ as a popular effect and ‘Good Design, material and price point’ being the most important factors when selecting outdoor lights. (Martha Krempel Garden Design  – Surrey)

Lighting unifies this indoor garden (photo) with the outdoor garden in a project by Martha Krempel Garden design Ltd.
Photo by David Heathcock.

In some cases, Landscapers and designers may opt for a discreet light source.

There are many designs, finishes and materials that blend in fantastically with the garden landscape. These include Black, Garden Green and Rustic Brown spike lights. These camouflaged colours will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding area such as foliage and soil. Matching the rest of the colours of the garden and not drawing unneeded attention to the light source. Incorporating outdoor light fittings that blend with the colours of a natural environment create the perfect ambiance. without the fittings looking out of place.

Alternatively, if you require lights that provide ornamental value within your landscape, Brass or Copper are versatile materials with fantastic decorative qualities. After a while, Natural Copper lights will oxidise to change colour. They really look as if they have always been part of the garden.

Incorporating outdoor light fittings that blend with the colours of a natural environment can create the perfect ambiance, without the fittings looking out of place.

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