ILLUMINATE TO APPRECIATE: Deck Lighting, Pergola Lights & More Garden Lighting Options

Pergola lights, decking Lights and more

Deck Lighting, Pergola Lights & More Garden Lighting Options…

Enjoyment of outdoor spaces has proved so important over the last year; an activity set to continue this year. Spring and Summer always drives a passion to spend more time outside making garden improvements, often with help from landscape professionals for the best results.

In 2021, availability of high-end outdoor living products has increased to match strong demand. Outdoor lighting is no exception. Lighting design quality and innovation are at an all-time high, as well as improvements in sustainability, technology, durability and function.

Garden lighting can completely transform a space. The most popular seasonal lighting applications are wooden outdoor structures, decking, pergolas, steps, walls and planters. Make the most of your space with the following checklist.

  • Plan ahead

Lighting should be considered early within a project to make installation as straightforward as possible. Also, to gauge best position and quantity of lights. Power supply is an important consideration, varying between 12v, mains 240v and solar, all of which have their own benefits.

  • Use 12v low voltage lights & LED lights where possible

There’s so many benefits to using 12v lights instead of mains power. Once an outdoor socket is in place, 12v transformers simply plug into the socket, and lights will ‘plug and play’ into place after that. Easy, safe installation, suited to damp conditions, as well as an especially good option for Pergola lights. LED lighting is highly efficient and thankfully, has become an industry standard across many types of lighting. For a full list of 12v lighting benefits and more information visit:   12v lighting benefits

  • Choose ‘Anti-Glare’ for less light pollution and a nature-friendly environment

Anti-glare design is an important aspect of a light fitting. As well as protecting our wildlife, anti-glare light also protects us. A light should create a safe area to move around in, but glare can have the opposite effect. Anti-glare keeps everyone and everything safer, ensuring light is spread evenly in the relevant direction. Anti-glare lighting effects look great which is evident with pergola lights.

  • Install lights built from durable materials

Sourcing the right materials results in keeping good quality lights for longer. Select materials to suit your environment, physically as well as visually. Brass or copper lights are naturally durable and look elegant, lasting for years with little maintenance. Copper will darken to blend in with rustic natural surroundings. Marine grade stainless steel and anodised aluminium lights are smart contemporary choices and highly weatherproof.

  • Consider Solar for a low carbon footprint: zero emissions, zero running costs & renewable energy

Lumena have revolutionised solar lighting in the UK with the Pro Solar range. These high quality, bright solar lights have guarantees of up to 5 years and work well in UK weather. They also have impressive outputs, illumination times and charging capacity. Long life LEDs, panels and batteries are used, for 365 day illumination.

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