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Solar Lights UK – 2021 and Beyond..
Two years ago, Northamptonshire outdoor lighting specialists Lumena, set out to provide products that previously seemed non-workable in the UK lighting market; reliable residential commercial Solar lights that function well in U.K weather all year round.

Lumena’s ongoing focus has always been innovation, quality, and sustainable product design. Qualities currently revolutionising the concept of solar lighting in a world where renewable energy and environmental awareness are increasingly important. Solar Lights UK – the time is now!

Zero Emissions, Zero Running costs, Low Installation Cost are benefits simply too important for Lumena to ignore. The problem with applying these benefits to the range was that low power, short lasting, dull and cheap plastic models of the past had given people in the UK a negative view of solar lights. Although people were attracted by the idea that effective outdoor lighting didn’t have to be mains powered (240v), the world-renowned dull English weather simply increased the doubt in solar! Nevertheless, the challenge to improve and supply superior solar lights had begun…

So how have Solar lights been improved within the Pro Solar range?   Four main aspects had to be tried and tested, to then offer Solar lights with a 5 year guarantee

  • Brightness of Solar Lights

As mentioned, older solar lights were hugely disappointing where light output was concerned. Lumena’s years of experience with LED lamps across other ranges made sure of impressive brightness and high Lumens output. After all, these lights are meant to illuminate mainly to give safe access, especially where mains cabling can’t reach. Most lights in the range are at minimum 100 lumens per watt. This is a decent brightness for LED across the board. The solar floodlights, ‘Lumelux’ are equally as bright as some mains floodlights and Sol-Icon solar bollard boasts a massive 2000 lumens. Products use high quality, very long life LEDs such as Epistar in warm or daylight white.

  • Build quality & design

If all tech. components are built to last, then the main product body has to be durable and sustainable. That’s why the solar path lights are die cast aluminium and impact-tested to obtain high IK ratings. The Litecharga and vandal resistant Guarda have the highest rating of IK10 with tough polycarbonate diffusers too. Eccentrica and Halopost bollards have a smart contemporary look and provide glare free elegant light. The ‘Hi-Way’ PIR wall light is versatile enough to mount on the wall, or fix to a taller post. It has an amazing LED illumination of approx. 1500 lumens. Many designs have many different installation options – another benefit of solar lights.

  • Batteries and Solar panels

One way to spot solar lights suitable for professional use is if they incorporate high capacity Life PO4 lithium or li-ion batteries and use efficient, modern polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panels so that optimum charge levels maintain for longer. Charge preserves very effectively even in lower light levels, therefore illuminating the light for longer.

  • Charging capacity and functions for Solar Lighting in the UK all year round

This was the most important factor. There would’ve been no point in getting the other aspects right and then the lights constantly failing in lower light levels during darker months. All Lumena solar path lights have special time controllers to match the UK climate.

When darkness falls, path lights illuminate at full brightness, and then follow a gradual dimming sequence until they reach 30% brightness after 5 hours. From then on it will remain at 30% until dawn or until charge runs out. Even in the dullest of weather, our solar lights will still illuminate, although they may not last the entire night cycle on very long, dark days. PIR motion sensor solar lights all have charge saving functions where, for example, a low level light illuminates constantly at dusk then a brighter light appears when the sensor is triggered.

Lumena are so confident in the lights’ performance, they offer a substantial 5 year guarantee. The Pro Solar lights have been very well received and are functioning well in commercial locations even during the Winter months. They are developing the brand more in 2021. The ViaMax range will have solar lights designed for larger spaces such as street walkways, hotels, parks and larger business premises.

View the Solar Bollards Here.

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