Solar Lights 2019

There should be no doubt that the concept of using Solar lights is building momentum in the U.K.

In 2019, effective outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be traditional mains powered (240v). Instead, a few forward-thinking lighting companies, offer new technology Solar Lights. A viable option, here to Smash the Idea of the low power, short lasting models of the past!

Solar path lighting of the past can conjure up images of plastic, low output in-ground spike lights. These usually only last one season. Now, more durable models are available, built to last and charge and illuminate 365 days a year. One way to spot solar lights suitable for professional use is if they incorporate high capacity lithium-ion batteries as well as efficient, modern Poly-crystalline or Mono-crystalline solar panels. LED light outputs (lumens) are now impressively bright, often equivalent to mains powered lighting. They also illuminate over a long time period. Professional solar path lights are fantastic in many different applications. They can be install almost anywhere without the need to tap in to mains power which can be expensive and difficult.

Lumena Lights are a UK based company who fully encourage the current positive drive to save our planet,

with Solar energy being one of the most innovative renewable power sources. A major benefit is that Solar lights use no power from the grid, just the sun to charge rechargeable batteries during the day, ready to be used at night. Other benefits are clear, with no running and installation costs or ongoing maintenance.

Exclusive Solar Lighting, new to the UK include the contemporary ‘Halopost’ 800mm LED Path Light, with its’ stylish ‘halo’ of glowing light emitting 420 lumens in a 120º spread. The durable ‘Litecharga’ could easily be mistaken for a smart, mains powered bollard light. It is however a fantastic solar option. The ‘Hi-Way’ is versatile enough to mount on the wall, or fix to a taller post for amazing LED illumination of approx. 1500 lumens! Other designs include the Freeway and Secursol, powerful motion sensor lights. Their functions rarely seen on solar lights that mount anywhere.

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