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Stellus Mariner WL - Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Light

Stellus Mariner WL - Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Light
Mariner Wall Light on Brick Wall Mariner Wall Light Line Drawing
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LED Bulb (ES/E27)

Product Description

Contemporary Outdoor Down Light

The Stellus Mariner outdoor wall light is a smart, modern downlight made from high quality stainless steel with an opal glass diffuser that surrounds the bulb, and diffuses light evenly and decoratively. It also acts as protection. The arched arm, reflective shade and stainless steel surround frame add class and character to this well designed outdoor wall light.

To enhance the white colour of the glass diffuser we recommend a cool / daylight white LED bulb, but either this or warm white will emit a pleasant and useful glow. With an LED bulb, the Mariner will function as an LED wall light with an extra long lifespan that uses hardly any power, keeps costs down and looks fantastic.

Stainless steel garden lights should remain rust free throughout their lifetime, although should still be cleaned periodically to ensure top quality is maintained


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IP Ratings

IP Ratings are commonly found on lighting products to determine how well they are protected against specific conditions namely water and dust. The letters ‘IP’ stand for ‘Ingress Protection’. IP Ratings include 2 numbers, the first one refers to the level of protection against solids, such as hands, tools, grit and dust. The second refers to protection against liquids. The protection is numerically rated between 0 and 6 for solids (8 for liquids - fully submersible), with 0 being not protected and 6 or 8 being the highest level of protection. An IP rating of IP43 is suitable for outdoor use. To see a table please click here.

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Colour temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin (K) and is defined as “the temperature of a black body having the same colour appearance as the type of lamp being considered”.


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