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QuadMarka - 12v 4 Way In Ground / Step Light - Natural Copper

QuadMarka - 12v 4 Way In Ground / Step Light - Natural Copper
recessed copper light 4 directional step light recessed copper light install Quadmarka in Natural Copper in ABS Sleeve 'Marka' Light Line Drawing - Dimensions 4 way walk over light directional copper decking light
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Product Description

QuadMarka - 4 Way In Ground / Step Light - Natural Copper - 12v

Low Voltage Recessed Light / In Ground Light

The QuadMarka is a 12v 4-way recessed light ideal for edging and highlighting areas of the garden such as decking, steps, patio areas, and driveways. This recessed light can be mounted directly into the ground, or into materials including wood, brick, slabs and walls.

This copper garden light is highly durable even in particularly damp surroundings. The top of this multi-directional light is segmented into four conical sections allowing 360º diffusion of light through a clear lens, without glare. The slightly domed surface makes this the ideal shape for mounting on decking, a driveway, a patio or any other areas where a walk over facility is required. The front bezel attaches to the real copper body with a simple screwing method. This means no tools are required in order to change the lamp. Lumena recommend the use of a LED MR16 with the QuadMarka.

The robust black plastic sleeve will be built into the wall during construction or retrofitted into a hole. The main part of the light then pushes into the tube, where it is held firmly in place by internal gripping ‘teeth’ (see detailed image), just showing the streamline front dome.


 Materials Natural Copper (non lacquered)* / Brass / Durable Plastic
 Finish Copper
 Voltage 12v (AC)
 Lamp Required / Max. Wattage
MR16 (Max. 35W)
 IP Rating IP67 (high IP rating -  outdoor use)
 Lens Toughened Glass
Installation Hole Size

 Dimensions (approx.)

(Diam.) 90mm x (Length) 105mm
 Cable Included 2 Core 0.75mm² H05RN-F Rubber Cable 3m

The QuadMarka is supplied with approx. 3m of 2 core H05RNF cable. This longer cable length gives the option of a 6m space between two lights should it be needed, and could cut down the number of cable joins in outdoor lighting installation. Light can also be spread to a wider area with longer cable length.

Not for use in areas prone to waterlogging or flooding

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Additional Information

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20W Transformer  20W Transformer  50W Transformer  100W Transformer  150W Tranformer

All 12v lights require a transformer to convert a standard 220-240V power supply to 12v. A range of wattages are available, dependant on the number of lights you wish to power. For more technical information, please call one of our technical advisers on 01327 871161 who will be happy to assist.

Coloured Dichroic Lenses - Instant Colour Options for your Garden Lighting

To enhance and add unique character to any garden lighting scheme,Lumena uniquely offer 50mm Dichroic lenses as an optional extra. These lenses are simply inserted behind the clear glass lens of the outer cap and are held in place by a spring clip. Six colours are available: Blue, Green, Moonlight (light Blue),Purple,Red and Yellow. At a list price of £4.10 they are a low cost way to create totally unique lighting effects. See the accessories section for full details of how these lenses operate.

Blue Dichroic Lens  Green Dichroic Lens  Moonlight Dichroic Lens  Purple Dichroic Lens  Red Dichroic Lens  Yellow Dichroic Lens  Orange Amber Dichroic Lens

Anti-glare Lenses, Honeycomb Filters & Restrictors

Honeycomb Louvres and Frosted Lenses are great ways to reduce glare from LED bulbs, supplied complete with a 50mm spring clip (optional). Both the "honeycomb" design and the frosted lens creates a more subtle, softer edge to the light beam rather than a harsh spot beam. A spot beam converter works in the opposite way, used to restrict the beam angle of the light, focusing the the light in a more concentrated 'spot' beam rather than a 'flood' beam with less light polution. The smaller the restrictor (10mm or 20mm) the smaller area the spot light will illuminate.

  Honeycomb Louvre                   Frosted Lens Anti-Glare          10mm Spot Beam Converter          20mm Spot Beam Converter

   (Honeycomb Filter 50mm)          (Frosted Lens 50mm)                  (10mm or 20mm Spot Beam Converter)

IP Ratings

IP Ratings are commonly found on lighting products to determine how well they are protected against specific conditions namely water and dust. The letters ‘IP’ stand for ‘Ingress Protection’. IP Ratings include 2 numbers, the first one refers to the level of protection against solids, such as hands, tools, grit and dust. The second refers to protection against liquids. The protection is numerically rated between 0 and 6 for solids (8 for liquids - fully submersible), with 0 being not protected and 6 or 8 being the highest level of protection. An IP rating of IP43 is suitable for outdoor use. For more info, please click here.

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