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MR16 Bulbs

MR16 Lamps are the common spotlight used in 12V garden lighting systems, and sometimes indoor fittings. 12V garden lights are ideal as no electrican is required for the installation of the light fittings. This is due to the tranformer used within the system, which converts the 240V mains electricity to 12V. Each light is connected to the transformer through cables and junction boxes and the transformer plugs straight into the mains - quick, easy and effective! 

LED MR16 lamps have a much longer life expectancy than halogen equivalents (up to 35,000 hours), which means they need to be replaced far less frequently and also use less energy being of lower wattages. This also equates to the bulb emitting a lot less heat than a halogen MR16. These 5W LED MR16 bulbs will also work with AC transformers, which are often used with halogen lights, as no special DC driver is required.

2 Colours of MR16 bulbs are available, Warm White (3000k) and Daylight White (6000k), each can be used in specific situations to create the intended lighting effects.


4.5w LED MR16 (COB) - 45 Deg. Beam Angle, Warm or Daylight White
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5W LED MR16 (COB) Cool White - 36 Deg. Beam Angle
SKU: LMR165C-36
RRP: £7.98
save 25%
inc VAT 20.00 % ( £1.00 )
5W LED MR16, Daylight White (Lumena)
RRP: £9.60
save 44%
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KOSNIC 5w LED MR16 (COB) - 45 Deg. Beam Angle
RRP: £3.60
save 17%
inc VAT 20.00 % ( £0.50 )