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12v DC /AC ES LED Bulbs

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Retro-fit LED Lamps – E27 (12V)

12 Volt Light Bulbs, ES / E27 base

Lumena Lights offer a range of LED Lamps to suit all Lumena light fittings, as well as others.

LED lamps tend to have a very long lamp life of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, compared to halogen and incandescent alternatives, and are proven to use a lot less energy being of a much lower wattage.

Standard shape 12V LED lamps with an ES Base (E27) are generally very hard to come by, however Lumena now offer both traditional GLS Light Bulb and Golf Ball Light Bulb shapes. Most of Lumena’s light fittings require a lamp with an E27 base, therefore, by offering 12 volt versions of these standard light bulbs, any of our fittings can be converted to be used with 12V lighting systems.



12V LED GLS Bulb (ES/E27) Warm White - 7W
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