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Smartstart T8-T5 Converter 

Energy saving T12/T8 to T5 Converter suplied with High Output Fluorescent Tube - Daylight White, 6400K

Quality construction for extended reliability and increased tube life. With a life span of approx. 20,000 hours, maintenance savings can be immense with the SMARTSTART, especially within organisations where large numbers of old T8 tubes are used.

Smartstart converters replace old fashioned T8 tubes with slimline, high frequency, high output T5 tubes. With a power saving of 30-40%, the Smartstart can reduce your energy costs considerably, and construbute to saving the environment. To install, simply remove the old T8 tube and starter (as this is not needed), then slot the Smartstart Converter into the old T8 Tube Fitting. Then energy saving T5 Tubes can be used in replacement - SIMPLE!

Smartstart Converters do not need the ssistance of a ‘starter’; they use highly efficient, high frequency electronics instead. The slimline, high output tubes use 30-40% less energy than the same length older T8 tubes and emit a brighter, more intense light.

Save energy and our environment and convert to T5 Fittings today !

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