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Airlite - Modern Aluminium GU10 Path / Bollard Light - 400mm or 600mm

Airlite - Modern Aluminium GU10 Path / Bollard Light - 400mm or 600mm
Airlite 400 - 400mm Aluminium Path Light / Bollard Light Airlite 600 - 600mm Aluminium Path Light / Bollard Light Airlite 400mm Aluminium Path Light mounted on low wall Airlite with Cool White GU10 Bulb Illuminated Airlite Path Light Clear Solid Resin Head with Decorative Air Bubbles Great in the Garden - 600mm Aluminium Bollard Light Airlite 400 Lights on Gate Posts Clear Solid Resin Head with Decorative Air Bubbles in low light Airlite to Light Path & Gate Posts Airlite used with Moonlight Blue Dichroic Lens Airlite used with Orange Dichroic Lens Solid Resin Head Screws On / Off GU10 Bulb Holder Sturdy Aluminium Fixed Base Cable Through Post Accommodates a GU10 LED Bulb (sold seperately) Airlite Path Light Dimensions
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LED GU10 (optional)

Product Description

  • Materials: 3mm Thick Anodised Aluminium / Solid Resin
  • Voltage: 240v
  • Max. Wattage: 35W
  • Lamp Fitting: GU10
  • Recommended Lamp: LED
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Product Height: 400mm or 600mm
  • Mounting: 9mm thick Aluminium Surface Mount
  • A Length of 240v 3 Core Cable is Supplied

The 'Airlite' is crafted from high quality 3mm thick anodised aluminium and is a contemporary, elegant post light, available in heights of 400mm or 600mm. The durability of the path light is combined with the eye-catching 'bubble' effect in the substantial solid resin head. A special process creates air bubbles inside the head, to give a unique effect which looks great in daylight or at night. Once illuminated, it acts as both a standard path light and as an uplighter, so if placed beneath trees the effect is amazing!

LED GU10 bulbs are accommodated, and fitting the bulb is simple via the threaded head (screws on securely and off ). Dichroic coloured lenses can be used with the LED bulb to create beautiful coloured effects.

The highly weather proof  IP65 path light will look great in any size surrounding, from small, modern gardens to smart commercial premises. It has a sturdy fixed base with 4 installation holes. A photocell ‘Dusk to Dawn’ version of each size is also available for security and energy conscious users, which automatically turn on when it is dark and off again when light.

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Additional Information

IP Ratings

IP Ratings are commonly found on lighting products to determine how well they are protected against specific conditions namely water and dust. The letters ‘IP’ stand for ‘Ingress Protection’. IP Ratings include 2 numbers, the first one refers to the level of protection against solids, such as hands, tools, grit and dust. The second refers to protection against liquids. The protection is numerically rated between 0 and 6 for solids (8 for liquids - fully submersible), with 0 being not protected and 6 or 8 being the highest level of protection. An IP rating of IP43 is suitable for outdoor use. Please see the table below.

IP Ratings Table

Colour Temperature

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